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To Kiss You More

To Kiss You More

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What happens when he falls for someone who doesn’t know his true identity?

Main Tropes

  • Prince in Disguise
  • Suspense
  • Fixer Upper


Prince Edward of Mastonia, heir to the throne, is forced to go into hiding when his brother plots against his life. An avid painter, he tracks down a master artist he longs to study under in the small town of Maple Creek, Virginia. It’s the perfect hiding spot. What he doesn’t expect are the feelings he’s developed for the artist’s beautiful daughter. Only she doesn’t know he’s a prince. He’s afraid she’ll decide she only wants him for his title like his ex-girlfriend did.

Art museum director Carrington Dalton desperately needs to raise money before being forced to close the doors on her father’s beloved art museum. Only her father hates asking for money. He’s been so resistant to it, the museum has suffered. When a mysterious, handsome foreigner shows up on her family’s doorstep, insisting he wants to train under father to become a master painter, Carrington decides to swallow her pride and ask for help. As they work together, she begins to fall for him. But Carrington isn’t sure a man like Edward could actually want to be with her. She’s been burned in the past.

Can they overcome their fears and be together, or will they let their stubborn hearts rule the day?

If you like royalty in disguise, witty banter, swoony kisses, and small-town sweet romantic comedy, then you’ll love the hilarious book readers are raving about! Binge the series, get hooked, and get ready to laugh!

Formerly titled: Her Prince's Secret Past

Intro into Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Edward opened the door to Josie’s Coffee Shop. A body slammed into him, coffee splashing all over the place. He tensed up right away. Had they found him? But then he stepped back, blinking, and took in a beautiful woman with reddish-brown hair. He let out a sigh. She looked harmless. She was slender and had a faint scattering of
freckles across her cheeks, and he was immediately drawn to her bright green eyes.

The woman gasped and looked at her white button-down shirt. She shook the coffee off her phone and set her cup on a nearby table before wiping at the giant coffee stain dripping
down her front.

Embarrassment heated his
face. “I’m so sorry. Can I get you something to help you clean that up?” He grabbed a stack of napkins from a nearby table and offered them to her.

“Thanks.” She set her phone next to the cup of coffee and patted the wet spot on her shirt, but it
wasn’t doing much to remove the stain. “Guess it looks like I’m going home to change.”

Somehow, the coffee hadn’t managed to get on him at all, which made him feel guilty. “I should have been watching where I was going.”

Her cheeks flushed, causing her to look more lovely. “It’s not entirely your fault. I was texting
and walking at the same time.”

He felt like a fool. What kind of clumsy guy knocked into beautiful women walking into the coffee shop?

“I should get going,” she said. “Thanks for the napkins.”

“Sorry again,” he called to her retreating form. He turned back to the room, heaving out an enormous sigh. The shop was cozy with twinkle lights strung across the tops of the walls
and tables scattered around. The line was short, and he took the spot at the end. A young guy with an acne problem bustled about, filling orders, and the line
moved forward in no time.

He stepped up to the counter just as the door opened, and more people filed into line behind him.

“What can I get for you?” the kid asked.

“I’ll have a cappuccino.” He peered into the case filled with goodies. “And one of those
cinnamon rolls.”

“Sure thing.” He gave him the total and took his money and then swept away to fill his order.

“You must be new in town. I haven’t seen you around here before,” an older female voice said.

He turned around to see a heavyset woman with gray hair standing behind him in line, studying him like he was a shiny new toy to play with.

“Yes. I just got here, in fact.”

She wore a large-brimmed
hat with tacky orange flowers on it. “I thought so.” She squinted curiously at him. “I can’t place your accent. Where are you from?” 

He cleared his throat. “Somewhere far from here.”

“Well, I gathered that much.” She shook her head, smiling. “You can keep your secrets, if you want.
What brings you to Maple Creek?”

He withheld a chuckle.
She said he could keep his secrets, but then immediately started digging for more information from him.

The blonde woman in line
behind her rolled her eyes. “Mrs. Wheaton, leave the poor man alone. I’m sure he doesn’t want to tell you all his personal business.” She stuck her hand out. “I’m Lauren. I own the salon, All Dolled Up.”

He shook her hand. “I saw that salon on my drive this morning. It’s nice to meet you.” He glanced
over at Mrs. Wheaton. “I don’t mind telling you why I’m in town. I’m looking for Richard Dalton. You wouldn’t happen to know him, would you?”

“Oh, yes!” Mrs. Wheaton said. “I’ve known Richard for years. He owns the art museum.”

“That’s what I understand,” he said.

“What do you want with Richard?”

“I’m an artist myself. I’m interested in his work.”

The employee handed him
his order. “Here you go!” He took the cup and the small brown bag with the cinnamon roll.

Mrs. Wheaton stepped up
to the counter and ordered. After the kid left to get her food, Mrs. Wheaton turned back to Edward. “An artist, huh?” She rose her eyebrows at him. “You know, he has a single daughter who’s quite the catch. You’re single, aren’t
you? I don’t see a ring.”

“Mrs. Wheaton’s quite the matchmaker,” Lauren said with a smile. “She’s always trying to marry off the single citizens of Maple Creek. Luckily, I’m married, so I’m off the hook now.”

“I knew you and Chase would become a couple from the first moment I saw you together,” Mrs. Wheaton bragged.

“And you were right.”

“Are you planning to stay in town long?” Mrs. Wheaton asked Edward.

“For a while, at least. It depends on how things go today with Mr. Dalton.”

“Have you found a place to stay yet?” Mrs. Wheaton asked.

“I have. I found a lady in town who listed her basement as an Airbnb.”

“Well, that sounds perfect for a young bachelor like yourself.” Mrs. Wheaton took her drink and
bagel from the coffee shop employee, and Lauren stepped up to the counter.

Edward sipped his cappuccino. “This is pretty good.”

“Oh, yes, Josie makes the best coffee in town. Just wait until you try that cinnamon roll. It’s to
die for,” Mrs. Wheaton gushed.

“I can hardly wait.” Edward found a little table and settled down with his food.

Mrs. Wheaton took the table next to him. Was this crazy woman following him? She reminded him of some of the women from the town back home. “What do you think of Maple Creek so far?”

“It seems like a nice place.” He hadn’t seen too much of the area so far, just enough to drive into
town and look around a bit. Edward still hadn’t found his Airbnb yet because he
hoped to meet Richard Dalton first.

It was his first time in the United States. He’d flown into Roanoke and rented a car before making the drive to Maple Creek, Virginia. Everything seemed much newer and shinier than
what he was used to at home. It was an old country, known for its ancient forests and mountains, steeped in rich tradition.

“You’ll like it a lot more once you meet Carrington.”

“Who is Carrington?” Edward asked.

“Richard’s daughter. The single one.” Mrs. Wheaton opened her bag and pulled out a bagel and a small packet of cream cheese.

“What makes you think I’ll meet her?”

“She runs the art museum, and she lives with her father. She’s always around him. You won’t be
able to meet him without meeting her too.”

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