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Say That You'll Kiss Me

Say That You'll Kiss Me

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He has enough charm for Hollywood, but she’s not impressed. Can he win this baker’s heart?

Main Tropes

  • Movie Star
  • Brother's Best Friend
  • High School Crush


Bakery owner Alexis Remington has had a crush on Owen Hadley since before he was a world-famous actor. When she finds out he’s going to be the best man in the wedding where she’s the maid of honor, she’s all aflutter. But then she realizes he’s opened a new restaurant in town, and it’s cutting into her bakery’s revenue.

When movie star Owen Hadley returns to Maple Creek to be in his best friend’s high-profile celebrity wedding, he opens his dream restaurant. And where better than in his hometown? But he wasn’t counting on the beautiful maid of honor blaming him for her bakery’s demise. When he realizes he can’t charm himself out of this situation, he learns that the only way to thaw her heart is to take the mask off. But is it too late?

If you like movie stars, witty banter, swoony kisses, and small-town gossips, then you’ll love this sweet romantic comedy. Binge the series, get hooked, and get ready to laugh.

Intro into Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Owen pushed open the door of Fresh Cut Flowers and stepped inside.

Layla Bowen smiled at him from behind the counter. “Hey, Owen, you back in town for Lauren and Chase’s wedding?” She must have known he was the best man in their high-profile celebrity wedding. Layla had her own wedding coming up soon, just
after Lauren and Chase’s. She was marrying the town’s chief of police, Will Vance.

“Yes, and no. I’m here a month early because I’m opening a restaurant in Maple Creek.”

Layla’s eyebrows shot up. “A new restaurant? What kind?”

“Fresh eating. Farm fresh and locally grown, as much as possible anyway.”

“That sounds fantastic. When does it open?”

“Tonight’s the grand opening. And that’s why I’m here.”

“What can I get for you?”

“I’d like to get a dozen red roses. They’re for my mom. She’s the guest of honor at the grand opening tonight. Without my mom, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

“That’s really sweet, Owen.”

The door pushed open, and Owen turned to see Alexis Remington step into the shop.
Her dark hair was twisted up into a bun, and a few strands of hair were loose around her face. She had on a knit shirt and skinny jeans, and she looked gorgeous.

“Hey, Alexis.” Layla smiled at her. “You need the hydrangeas for the Thompson wedding cake, right?”

“That and my usual pink roses for the tables at the bakery.” Alexis ran The Icing on Top Bake Shop
across the street from his restaurant.

“Okay, let me grab these roses for Owen, and I’ll get your order put together.”

Alexis looked over at Owen and raised her eyebrows. “Roses, huh?” Her cheeks flushed.
“For a special lady?”

“A very special lady.”

Was it just him, or did Alexis’s smile seem forced?

“Well, whoever she is, she’s a lucky girl.”

He chuckled. Now it was his turn to blush. “They’re for my mom.”


Alexis seemed relieved. Did she have a crush on him? As a world-famous film star, he was used to having ladies falling all over him, but it was different coming
from his best friend’s sister. He flashed her the smile he reserved for his adoring fans—just to see how she would react.

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