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Oops, I Kissed Him Again

Oops, I Kissed Him Again

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An impulsive kiss and a fake relationship. What could possibly go wrong?

Main Tropes

  • Fake Romance
  • Suspense
  • Grumpy Cop


When chief of police, Will, pulls sassy Layla over for speeding yet again, the last thing he expects her to do is plant a kiss on him. And he certainly isn’t prepared for the fireworks that explode when their lips meet.With a robbery in Maple Creek, Will has his hands full trying to track the criminal down. Matters only get worse when Layla’s flower shop is broken into. Not to mention the creepy guys that keep hitting on her.

Can he keep his heart in check around his old crush while keeping her safe?

Layla is determined to keep her matchmaking mother from setting her up with the worst guy in town. So when her mom witnesses her getting pulled over, she spontaneously kisses Will and tells her she’s engaged to him. The hilarious fake romance that ensues is all fun and games until her heart decides to get involved.

When she teams up with Will to track down the thief terrorizing their town, her feelings intensify, and she’s not sure how much longer she can keep him at arm’s length.

If you like witty banter, swoony kisses, and small-town sweet romantic comedy, then you’ll love the hilarious book readers are raving about! Binge the series, get hooked, and get ready to laugh!

Intro into Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A cherry-red Corvette zoomed past, leaving a flutter of orange leaves behind. Will Vance, the police chief of Maple Creek, Virginia, pulled out behind the speeding vehicle and flipped on
his lights.

Layla Bowen. Again. When was she going to learn to lighten her lead foot? The girl drove him nuts. She never seemed to take him seriously, and for some inexplicable reason, he kept going easy on her. Ok, maybe it wasn’t completely inexplicable. It might have had something to do with her adorable dimples and her carefree manner. But that
didn’t mean she hadn’t collected a hefty pile of tickets since she’d started driving her granny’s Corvette six months ago. Anna Bowen was too old to get
behind the wheel anymore, and she made the mistake of letting her granddaughter drive her prized Corvette whenever the impulsive girl wanted.

Layla should have had her license
revoked by now, but he gave her chance after chance. Blast those dimples! They got the best of him every time, making him weak at the knees—putty in her hands.

But not this time. This time, he
meant business.

He caught up to her right in front
of the Maple Creek Baptist Church. She pulled over to the side of the road as church members streamed into the sanctuary for the Sunday morning service.

Layla stepped out of the Corvette
in a floral dress that swayed with her hips in a sassy manner that matched her personality. She wore a straw hat over her shiny, brown ringlets and a pair of
aviator sunglasses. She looked so good it should have been illegal.

He knew he should tell her to return to her vehicle, but he was so taken by her Sunday morning attire that he clamped his mouth shut. Normally, he was a good cop, an excellent cop. How else would he have become the police chief? But this woman had him whipped, and she knew it. She was his one weakness as an officer.

It had started in seventh grade
when he’d kissed her in the downstairs closet of her best friend, Onyx’s family room. They’d been playing Seven Minutes in Heaven, and he’d ended up with her. The kiss was unforgettable. It was his first kiss, and it had left him following her around for the next week. Eventually, she rejected him for some kid on the soccer team. It should have been ancient history, but he’d never really gotten over it.

She pulled down the aviators and
turned toward the church, stopping midstride, her glossy lips parting. Layla’s mother and Mrs. Wheaton, the town gossip, were walking toward the entrance of the church. They stopped and turned to look at Will, and Mrs. Bowen’s smile
turned downward into a scowl. Layla stared at the two of them, and her face went pale. She looked at Will, and then she looked back at the women, panic written all over her features.

She stepped toward him impulsively, and before he could even process what was happening, she threw her arms around his neck and pressed her lips to his. They were perfect and warm and tasted like honey. For a moment, all he knew was their kiss. Fireworks exploded in his
head, and he wrapped his arms around her tiny waist, drawing her into him. How long had he wondered what another kiss with Layla would be like? The first one
had curled his toes, and this one was no different. Every expectation had been met, and then some.

“Layla Bowen! What in heaven’s name do you think you’re doing?” The unmistakable voice of Mary Bowen lanced through
the fantasy world wherein he’d lost himself.

Layla pulled away, hastily
whispering, “Just play along.” Her eyes were large and vulnerable, and he had to stop himself from grabbing her and pulling her in for another kiss.

Will’s head was still spinning from the kiss. He didn’t think he had another option at that point. He could hardly do more than just stand there like the fool he’d just allowed himself to become.

“Oh, hi there, Mama! I didn’t see
you there. Save me a seat in the chapel, will you?”

“Don’t you play coy with me, Layla. You can’t just go kissing the police to get out of a speeding ticket. I raised you better than that.”

“You misunderstand, Mama. Will
wasn’t pulling me over for speeding.”

She turned to Will and batted her
long, seductive eyelashes at him. He had no idea where she was going with this, but he knew he was in deep trouble.

“Will and I are getting married.”

“What?” Will sputtered. Had he had one drink too many at Dixie’s Tavern and said something he’d forgotten?

She placed a hand on his chest. “It’s okay, baby. I know I told you I wasn’t going to tell my family yet, but I really am ready now.”

He stared at her, mouth agape. All words and logic had flown from his mind. Instead, Layla’s floral perfume filled his senses, making his head spin with her nearness.

“I’ll catch up with you in a few
minutes. Save me a seat, Mama.” She waved her mother away. Her mother returned to Mrs. Wheaton, who had been standing on the sidewalk, watching the entire exchange. The two women were inseparable and had always reminded Will of a couple of mother hens.

Will cleared his throat, dropping
back into his role as police chief. If he didn’t gain control of the situation, he would become the town laughingstock. “I ought to arrest you for your conduct
here today, Ms. Bowen. You know that kiss could be considered an assault of a police officer.”

Layla stepped back and bit down on her cherry-red bottom lip, the same red as her Corvette. “But you won’t arrest me, will you?”

“No, I won’t. But don’t you ever
try something like that again. If you do, you’ll find yourself in the back of my police cruiser. Understood?”

“I understand.” For a moment,
genuine fear flashed in Layla’s eyes. Why, oh why, did he allow that to make him feel guilty?

He swallowed down his guilt and
said, “License and registration, please.”

Layla returned to her car sulkily
and produced the documents.

A few moments later, he returned to her with the speeding ticket she’d earned fair and square.

He handed it to her with a wink and a smile. “Watch the speedometer and obey the speed limit. I know that’s hard for you, but just try, or next time I won’t be smiling. And neither will you.”

She pushed out her bottom lip in a pout, and he hoped she was finally starting to take him seriously. But somehow he doubted it.

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