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Kiss Me Under the Christmas Lights

Kiss Me Under the Christmas Lights

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A surprise kiss leads to a fake romance. Will they find love this Christmas?

Main Tropes

  • Holiday
  • Firefighter
  • Fake Relationship


When coffee shop owner Josie Sparks spots her ex boyfriend picking out a Christmas tree with a new girl, she does the unexpected. She grabs his roommate, Noah, and lays a kiss on him right in front of her ex. The new girlfriend assumes they’re dating, and Josie and Noah decide to go with it.

Firefighter Noah Stanley can’t stand his roommate’s new girlfriend. Not only does she make giant messes in the kitchen and eats all his chips, but she’s obnoxious and rude. So Noah forms a pact with Josie to get rid of her. When Josie poses as Noah’s new girlfriend, no one suspects they are planning a list of practical jokes to run the annoying girlfriend off. Before Noah and Josie know it, their fake romance begins to feel more real than what they’d bargained for.

If you like witty banter and small-town romantic comedy, then you’ll love this book! Buy your copy today!

Intro into Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Christmas lights twinkled overhead as Josie searched for the perfect tree to put in her
coffee shop. Not too short and not too tall. Being all bundled up while tiny white flakes drifted down to tickle her nose held a special kind of magic for Josie. It was her favorite time of year. Excitement raced through her as she breathed in the scent of a hundred evergreens surrounding her.

High-pitched laughter cut through her reverie. Josie stepped past a row of Christmas trees and spotted her recent breakup, Dustin. He was holding a big-haired, knockout blonde on his arm. Jealousy sliced through her, sharp and ugly. She tried to ignore it, but it had cut too deep. She’d only broken up with him two days ago. He hadn’t wasted a moment replacing her.

She didn’t want to admit that it hurt, since the decision to end their relationship had been hers, but she couldn’t ignore the pain it caused. It was stupid for her to feel this way. She knew Dustin wasn’t right for her. They were much too different. It had only taken two months of dating for Josie to see that. Dustin was far too materialistic, while Josie preferred a more wholesome lifestyle.

He wanted brand-new everything. Josie loved her historical 1940s cottage she’d
worked to fix up with her father and the old books she’d been collecting since she was a young teen. Dustin had been all too verbal with how he felt about her
old, musty books.

Dustin’s new girl laughed her high-pitched giggle, and they slipped around the corner out of sight.

Noah Stanley, Dustin’s roommate and coworker from the Maple Creek Fire Department, stepped from behind a tree. The two roommates must have been picking out a tree for their place. Noah’s broad shoulders filled out his jacket in a way Josie could hardly miss. He looked too good to take in.

“Noah!” she called to him.

He turned, and his face lit up when he saw her. “Hey, Josie.” He walked over toward her.

“You guys picking out a tree for your place?”

“Yep. You doing the same?”

“Nope. I already have a tree set up at home. This one’s for the coffee shop. I woke up this morning and decided the shop needed one this year.”

“That’s a great idea. I’m sure it’ll make the place feel cozier for the holidays.”

“That’s what I was thinking!” As if she needed to make her shop cozier than it already was. She prided herself on having the coziest coffee shop in Maple Creek. But adding a Christmas tree was always a good idea.

Dustin and his new girl rounded the corner again. They must have been looking at the tree on the corner. What did she care, anyway? Dustin was old news. He was free to date whomever he wanted.

“Looks like you’re third-wheeling it tonight,” Josie said.

Noah shrugged. “I’m used to it.”

She cringed. Used to it because, until recently, he’d been third-wheeling with her and Dustin.

The blonde girl laughed again, too loud and shrill, and Noah grimaced. So he didn’t like her either. That was too bad for him because he lived with Dustin. If this girl ended up sticking around, Noah would see a lot more of her.

Dustin pulled the blonde close to him and touched noses with her like they were in one of those cheesy Christmas romance movies. Josie had had enough. On impulse, she grabbed Noah and pulled him into an embrace of her own. She stepped up onto her tiptoes and pressed her lips to his.

His lips were dreamy and soft. A warmth enfolded her amid the flurries that surrounded them. A flame lit from that warmth, and Josie pulled back in surprise. What had possessed her to do that?

“Is there mistletoe here that I didn’t notice?” Noah looked up.

Josie followed his gaze. “Nothing but the Christmas lights.”

She couldn’t help herself. She had to check to see if Dustin had noticed her impulsive kiss. She wasn’t disappointed. He was staring at them with his jaw hanging down to the ground. She took Noah’s arm and guided him away from the picturesque couple. “I need help picking out a Christmas tree. And you’re just
the man to help me.”

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