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Kiss Me, Baby, One More Time

Kiss Me, Baby, One More Time

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Fake dating is easy until opposites attract!

Main Tropes

  • Fake Relationship
  • Opposites Attract
  • Medical


Eccentric hippie, Onyx Sharp, is the maid of honor in her best friend’s wedding. But she's not happy about having to spend so much time with the best man, Taylor. Not only does she distrust men, but being around him annoys her. The last thing she expects is for him to kiss her impulsively at a party before the wedding. And the main problem is, she wants him to kiss her one more time, but she’s not sure she can let her heart trust again.

Straight-laced surgeon Taylor Roberts is tired of being teased about being eternally single by the other groomsmen. He makes a bet that he can get the beautiful maid of honor to date him before the wedding is over. The problem is, she can’t stand him! He promises he’ll give up his booth in the Maple Creek Fall Festival to her mom’s store if she’ll pretend to date him, an offer he knows she can’t pass up.

The longer Onyx is around Taylor the more she feels drawn to him, despite being his polar opposite. Can she continue the facade of dating him when her heart gets involved?

If you enjoy sweet romantic comedy set in a small town where opposites attract, then you’ll love this book!

Intro into Chapter 1

Chapter 1

“Taylor throws all these parties, but he can’t actually get a girl to agree to settle down with him,”
Dylan teased, leaning against one of Taylor’s granite countertops.

Noah howled with laughter, and a few of the other firefighters joined in from where they stood, crowded around the island of Taylor’s spacious kitchen.

Taylor felt his cheeks growing warm. “Just because I haven’t gotten serious with anyone, doesn’t mean I can’t find someone.” He’d spent so many years working to become an orthopedic surgeon, he hadn’t had time for a relationship.

“Why don’t you prove it to us then?” Dylan challenged him.

“How am I supposed to do
that?” Taylor asked.

“Get a girlfriend,” his best friend, Will, said, glancing across the room at his fiancée, Layla. She
stood in the living room with Onyx, the maid of honor in Layla and Will’s upcoming wedding. “If I did it, you can too.”

“I don’t think he can,” Dylan said. “There’s a reason he’s been single all this time.”

“And what reason would that be?” Taylor tried to keep the defensiveness from his voice.

“Look, Taylor,” Dylan said. “Don’t take this the wrong way. You’re a great friend, and you’re awesome
at what you do. But you’re terrible with the ladies.”

Taylor crossed his arms over his chest. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You are kind of awkward,” Chad, another one of Will’s groomsmen, said, agreeing with Dylan.

“Awkward?” He wasn’t, was he? Sometimes he got shy, but did that make him awkward?

“Let me give you an example,” Dylan said. “Remember in third grade when we were playing hide and seek, and you were counting to one hundred?”

“Yeah. I remember. You guys kept flicking my ear when I was counting. After a while I felt you guys stop, and someone tapped me on the shoulder.”

“Yep. You remember what you did next?” Noah asked with a chuckle.

“I remember.”

“No, no, no,” Will interjected. “Let me tell the story. I was watching from my hiding place. Amy
Scott, the prettiest girl in third grade. Remember her? We all had a crush on her. She was the one tapping you on the shoulder and you turned around with
your eyes still closed and hit her in the face so hard she ended up with a fat lip.”

“And you, my friend, were given a dish of awkward pie,” Dylan said. 

“Come on! That was third grade. I’ve picked up some game since then.”

“Yeah, right. How do you have game if you don’t have a girl?” Chad asked.

“Sometimes the truth hurts, buddy.” Dylan lightly punched him on the arm.

He refused to let Dylan’s interpretation of reality become the truth. “It’s not the truth.”

“Prove it,” Dylan repeated.

Taylor puffed his chest out. “Fine, I will.”

“How?” Dylan taunted.

“By getting a girlfriend,” Taylor said.

“Let’s make it official,” Dylan said.

Taylor felt his cheeks heating up. What was he getting himself into? “You mean like a bet?”


“What are the stakes?”

“The loser has to babysit my sister’s kids. She has five kids, five and under. And believe me,
you don’t want to lose. She has twins too. They’re two and a half. One of them has gastric issues with chronic diarrhea.” Dylan looked like he was about to
gag just talking about it. “Explosive chronic diarrhea. My sister calls those diaper changes a five-wiper and a bath.”

Taylor wasn’t looking forward to that. He didn’t have much experience with children other than the few kids who came through his office as patients. “What makes you think your
sister will let me watch her kids, anyway?”

“If you lose, I’ll go over there with you. I plan on watching you struggling with those kids. But
just to be safe, I’ll clear it with my sister first. I’m sure she won’t mind a doctor babysitting her kids.”

“This is too good,” Noah said, rubbing his hands together.

“Also, you have to find a girlfriend by…” Dylan paused like he was thinking. Then he snapped his fingers and pointed at Taylor. “By the time Will and Layla get married.”

“That only gives me two months.”

“That’s plenty of time. Unless you don’t think you can find a girlfriend by then.”

Taylor felt his cheeks heat up. He was sick of Dylan’s teasing. He’d made it through medical school.
Surely, he could handle something as simple as finding a girl to date him. He was an attractive guy. “I can get a girlfriend right now.” He didn’t stop to think. He didn’t want to talk himself out of anything. He just walked across the room. Straight to where Layla stood talking with her gorgeous friend, Onyx Sharp.

“Onyx, can I talk to you for a minute?”

She turned around to face him, her blonde hair cascading over her shoulders in waves. “What’s up, Taylor?”

“I’ll just be over by Will,” Layla said and walked back toward the kitchen.

“I was wondering…”


This was a lot harder than he thought it would be. What was he thinking coming over here to talk to Onyx? He was pretty sure she hated him. She was always glaring at him like he was the enemy. Although he couldn’t figure out what he’d ever done to her.
Goodness, her eyes were beautiful and blue. A guy could get lost in eyes like that. Just like he was right now. “Um…”

“Is there something you
wanted, Taylor?”

He felt a strong pull of
chemistry toward her. Did she feel it too? “I…”

Time stood still. She ran a hand through her hair, and it seemed to move in slow motion. She looked up at him, their eyes locking, and her lips parted, almost like she was giving
him an invitation. And he did what any red-blooded male would do in such a moment with such a gorgeous woman in front of him would do. He bent down and kissed her.

She should have slapped him, pushed him away, screamed in horror. But she didn’t. Instead, she kissed him back. Did that mean she wanted him to kiss her? That he’d gotten away with
randomly kissing the most beautiful woman in the room?

These kinds of things never happened to him. He was the studious guy who always made straight A’s in school and paid his taxes on time. He’d never tried to do something so scandalous. It was completely out of character for him. Maybe that was the
point. He was tired of being the boring, predictable guy in Maple Creek. This was the most rash, spontaneous thing he’d ever done, and it felt exhilarating. 

Onyx wrapped her arms
around his neck and stepped close to him. She was all around him, and she smelled exotic, like incense and far-off places he had only dreamed of visiting. Kissing her was a journey, and it left him feeling heady. If this was what kissing Onyx was like, he couldn’t believe he’d waited this long to give it a try.

He’d kissed other girls, but it had never been like this before. This breathless experience. He’d only
approached Onyx to ask her to go on a date, but somehow it had turned into this amazing kiss.

He stepped back, and she
slid her arms from behind his neck, trailing her fingers down his chest, causing him to shudder beneath her touch.


“What was that for?” she

That was when he noticed
that the room had gone silent. He raised his gaze from her gorgeous face and looked over to where his buddies stood in the kitchen. All eyes were on him.
Dylan’s mouth was hanging open in shock.

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