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I Will Always Kiss You

I Will Always Kiss You

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Can he keep a secret baby under wraps? Or will the truth ruin his second chance?

Main Tropes

  • Secret Baby
  • Billionaire
  • Second Chance


Billionaire Kane Leland is finally free of his awful marriage. Keeping his corporate image and his money-hungry ex in check has become troublesome with the news that she's expecting his baby. Add to that her threats to expose him as a neglectful deadbeat, and it's a recipe for corporate ruin. So he has to keep the baby a secret.

Jewelry shop owner Sariah Tate hates drama. She had enough to last a lifetime with her past relationship. When her old high-school flame, Kane Leland, returns home to Maple Creek, Sariah’s carefully-built walls begin to crumble, piece by piece. But she doesn’t know his secret…

Will they be able to put the past aside and find their second chance?

If you like billionaires, secret babies, swoony kisses, and scheming grannies, then you’ll love this sweet romantic comedy. Binge the series, get hooked, and get ready to laugh!

Previously Titled: Her Billionaire's Baby Secret

Intro into Chapter 1

Chapter 1

The shock still hadn’t worn off. It had been a week since Kane had found out that his ex wife was
expecting a baby the following May.

Kane leaned back in the seat of his private jet and drank the last of the bourbon in his glass. He
glanced out his window to see the fall colors turning far below on the ground.
He’d been out celebrating his new status as a single man with his best friend Benson, the quarterback for the New York Giants, and when he left the restaurant, he bumped into her on the street. That was when she told him she was expecting.
The problem was, he didn’t know if the baby was his.

Kane had enough on his plate with the unexpected death of his maternal grandfather. He’d gotten the news just that morning, and he made immediate arrangements to fly to his hometown of Maple Creek, Virginia.

Darla, his flight attendant, approached him. “Can I get you something else to drink, Kane?”

“Just some water.”

“We should be landing soon.” The older woman put a hand on his arm. “I know how hard this must be for you. I’m sorry for your loss.” She’d been working for his family for years.

He gave her a thin smile. “Thank you, Darla. That means a lot to me.”

“Of course. You don’t have to go through this alone. Don’t forget you have a lot of people who care about you.”

He nodded, his throat growing thick with emotion. His main concern now was the welfare of his grandmother. She’d be hit the hardest by his death. They’d been planning to cruise the Caribbean later that summer. He couldn’t imagine what she must be
feeling to have her sweetheart taken from the earth. He knew he needed to do all he could to ensure she had the support she needed.

It had been a week of devastating shocks. Finding out Gramps had suffered a heart attack and died was the worst of it. He’d come back to his hometown often to see his grandparents. They had been a huge part of his life growing up in the small, simple town. They
were a typical Maple Creek couple. Sweet, southern, and welcoming to all they met. Both his grandmother and grandfather had grown up in the town and had roots that had been in the town for generations. His grandfather had been the
mayor of the town at one time.

He loved coming home to
Maple Creek. It was the complete opposite of the busyness of New York City.

The plane descended into
Roanoke, the nearest airport to Maple Creek. It was about forty-five minutes from his hometown. He’d called his buddy Chase earlier that morning, and he’d
agreed to pick him up.

He got off the plane and
got his luggage. Chase was waiting for him, leaning against his black SUV.

“Hey, man,” Chase said when he approached. When he was close enough, Chase reached out to him and gave him a big hug. “I’m sorry about your grandpa.”

Kane wiped away a tear.
“Thanks. I miss Gramps already, and I just saw him last weekend. I can’t believe he’s gone.” How could such a good man be taken from this world? This planet had a shortage of good men. The last thing they needed was another one of the good ones taken. He couldn’t make sense of it.

Chase and Kane put the luggage into the back of the SUV, and they both climbed into the front seats.

Chase put the vehicle into drive. “I know your gramps’s death was unexpected, but other than that,
how have you been doing? I know this divorce has been really hard on you.”

Kane wanted to tell
Chase about Orchid’s pregnancy, but he couldn’t speak about it. He’d been forbidden to say a word. He worked with his paternal grandfather in New York
City. That was how he’d become a billionaire. As a family member he’d gotten equal shares to the company. He’d moved to Manhattan right after high school to go to college and become groomed to take over the family business. They were currently going through a merger, and until it went through, everything in the office was incredibly tense. They needed that merger badly, and when Orchid showed up at the office demanding money from Kane, his grandfather decided he needed to keep the drama about the baby under wraps.

With this merger the media was scrutinizing them, and he couldn’t have it getting out that he had that level of drama going on in his life. That meant he couldn’t tell a soul about Orchid’s pregnancy, especially when he didn’t even know if the baby was
his. His grandfather was hoping the baby would end up being some other guy’s and the entire thing would blow over. He had to keep it quiet until the merger
had gone through and all the paperwork was signed.

It was tough to keep something so huge a secret though. He didn’t have anyone he could talk to about how he was feeling about the baby situation. His grandfather wasn’t exactly the
best option. They didn’t talk about much outside of work. Although he saw his paternal grandfather daily, he’d been much closer to Gramps. He still couldn’t believe he was really gone.

“How am I feeling?” Kane
repeated. “That’s a really great question.” He rubbed a hand down his face. “I’m happy to be single.”

“I’m surprised your divorce went this fast. I would think it would have dragged out more. It’s only
been three months.”

“It went fast because I gave Orchid what she wanted. I wasn’t in the mood to deal with a long,
drawn-out divorce.” His grandfather had suggested that he do the same thing. Getting a speedy, quiet divorce was exactly what the company needed when they were being so heavily scrutinized.

“You’re a better man than me,” Chase said. “I wouldn’t have given her much of anything. She cheated on you.”

“I can’t understand how a person could break their marriage vows. I’m not wired that way.” When he made a promise, he did everything in his power to stay true to his word. So when
Orchid had broken their vows, he’d been devastated. “When we got married, she seemed so amazing, all devoted to me. But eventually her mask fell off, and I
saw her true colors. She was only in the relationship for the money. She knew I was going to end up a billionaire, and she wanted in. At first, I didn’t care. If she was a gold digger, then fine. I was willing to overlook that. It was the cheating that I couldn’t handle. All this wealth doesn’t matter that much to me,” Kane said. “When you have this much, you stop counting after a while. What do I need all that wealth for anyway? I have everything I need and then some. If Orchid wanted money, then fine. She got it. I just want her out of my life.”

“Do you think she’s going to stay away?”

“Probably not with how greedy she is. She’s already showed up in my office, demanding more cash. Since I gave her what she wanted in the divorce, it was like she thought it would be easy to get more money from me. I’m worried that I’ve started a new pattern with her where she shows up constantly bugging me for more money. I just want her out of my life.” But he knew that wouldn’t be the case if the baby was his.

“I’m sorry you have to go through all of this. But at least you’re free.”

“I’m glad I’m free too. It’s a great feeling. Our marriage had been dead for a long time, even before I discovered that she’d been cheating on me.” He’d still worked to save his marriage though. That was why they’d had a brief time of reconciliation. That
was when she was claiming she’d gotten pregnant. It hadn’t lasted between them though. He’d caught her texting her other guy, Turner, again, and he discovered
that she’d been giving him money. It was one of the reasons she kept going to him for money. This other guy was deeply in debt and desperate for the funds.

“I’d been too cocky to think my wife would ever cheat on me. The scene still replays in my mind, even when I don’t want it to. It was our anniversary, and I came home early from a business trip to surprise her. I had flowers and dinner reservations. That was
when I found her with Turner.”

“I can’t imagine what that must have been like for you,” Chase said. It hadn’t taken much digging with his extensive resources to figure out that Orchid had been seeing Turner
for quite some time. Eventually, she admitted the truth to him, and his worst fears were confirmed. “Benson told me you two went out to celebrate.” Chase and Benson had gone to high school with Kane, and they’d stayed close over the years.

“Yep.” Thank goodness Benson had already left the restaurant when Orchid had shown up. He didn’t know anything about the baby. He didn’t think his friend would tell anyone, but he couldn’t be too careful. He didn’t want anything getting back to the media. The paparazzi would eat up a story like this. That could be devastating for their
company when they needed the merger so badly.

“Do you have your eye on
anyone new?” Chase asked.

Kane shook his head. “I haven’t even thought about it.” He hadn’t had the chance with everything going on. Although the circumstances were sad, he was glad to be getting away from
the city for a while. He desperately needed a break from all the drama. The simple life of the small town called to him.

“What about Sariah?” Chase asked. “She’s still single.”

“That was a long time ago.” They had dated back in high school. It seemed like another lifetime.

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