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A Happier Version of Me (Audiobook)

A Happier Version of Me (Audiobook)

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Two guys. One girl. A big confusing mess. 

I never thought I’d have two guys fighting over me. I mean, I’m totally not that girl. At least, I didn’t think I was…

Turns out, it’s a lot more confusing than I would have thought. I ended up deciding I couldn’t be with either one of them.

At least for now. I need space to clear my head. Because my heart doesn’t know who it wants. I’m confused, and I don’t want to hurt either of these guys I care so much about.

It’s not like I can avoid them either.

Preston’s my brother’s best friend, and he’s always over at my house. And I have an overnight choir competition trip coming up with Isaac where we’re going to perform together.

Neither guy is giving up, and I have no idea where this is going to lead.

A Happier Version of Me is the eighth book in a nine-book rewrite of a contemporary sweet romance series called The Destiny Trilogy. In this series you can expect flirting, blushing, and kisses in the woods, but you won’t find any swearing, nudity, or sex.

Main Tropes

  • High School
  • Forbidden Love
  • On Stage Romance
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