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A Bolder Version of Me

A Bolder Version of Me

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When the truth is uncovered, the bullies come out to play. 

I’ve kept my forbidden boyfriend a secret.

But he hates hiding.

So I agree to step into the light as a couple. 

Bad idea. 

Our secret romance turns into a disaster rivaling scenes from Romeo and Juliet. Bullies emerge from all sides, and we’re in serious trouble.

I’ve worked my tail off to be bolder, but standing up for myself comes with a price. 

Our whirlwind romance spirals out of control.

And I’m not sure we can hold on much longer. 

Can our love withstand the blows from our enemies, or will the foundation we’ve built together crack and crumble? 

A Bolder Version of Me is the third book in a nine-book rewrite of a contemporary sweet romance series called The Destiny Trilogy. In this series you can expect flirting, blushing, and kisses in the woods, but you won’t find any swearing, nudity, or sex.

Main Tropes

  • High School
  • Forbidden Love
  • On Stage Romance
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